Thursday, August 6, 2009

WOW I Can't Believe That....

I haven't posted in....let's see...hmmm...FOREVER!!!!!! LOL!!!! How are you all? Please don't give up on me! Well....Here's what I've been up to.

I went to Mountain View with my mom, dad, brother, and brothers's girlfriend. We had a lot of fun even though our hotel was not that nice. It stunk in my bro and dad's room and the AC didn't work well in the ladies'(our) room!!!!!!!

We went to the Hoedown and the Square and the Folk Center and we ate at Pizza Inn and the "Cheeseburger Place" as we call it!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!! Then we drove all the way home again......where we all climbed in bed sleepily.....The end. LOL!!!!

Two days ago, we went to my dance studio where I take ballet, tap, and jazz. There is a class for jazz and tap and a class for ballet. There are five levels for kids my age and up - Age Class, Pre-C0mpany, Juniorettes, Juniors, and Seniors. It's not based on age really but maturity and attendance and attitude and being able to work with a team. Well, I was in Pre-Company last year and Age Class the first year (before that), and this year....well, I thought I would still be in Pre-Company because ususally you stay in that catagory for two to three years. You also usually stay in Ballet One for the same amount of years, but........I'M GETTING MOVED UP TO JUNIORETTES AND BALLET TWO!!!!!!!! It's sooooo cool!!!!!! I'm so excited! Classes start August 18, on Tuesday, then I have another class on Wednesday Then in October I add another Thursday class!!!!! It's sooo great!!!!!

Here is kind of a guide of the conversation at the registration where I found out this exciting news.

Me: "Hey Ms. T and Ms. L. and Ms. A and Ms. S!!!!!!!!!!!"

Them: "Hey Joy!!!!"

Several minutes later: Ms. T: "Joy, we were very impressed by you last year "(at this point I was getting very high hopes but if she said "but" I knew it was over....she didn't) " and we want to put you in our Juniorettes class.....and Ballet Two. Is that ok?"

By this time my mom and I(and dad a little bit) had on GIGANTIC smiles a mile wide and I couldn't speak, frown, or do anything but laugh and smile.

Ms. T: "I can tell by your big smile that it's ok!! Hahahaha ".

I just looked at mom and laughed and smiled and she dittoed!!! I still smile thinking about it!!! Ms. L started laughing and had her glance fixed on me smiling like I was. LOL!!! We all laughed then Ms. T started talking about the stuff like shoes dress code, comp group etc. Then I needed to go to the bathroom and they started talking about money and the bills for the studio time and everything!!! lol!!!

When I went to get the video from last year, Ms. S says (handing the video to me): "Here you go, Ms. Juniorette!!!!" and bops me lightly on the head with the case. lol!!!!!!!!!!

Then we tried on my new shoes (tap and ballet) and we ordered them and ya know what? The studio is now using tan slip on's instead of white laces/elastic.

Well, That's what I've been up to this week. We are going to the nursing home today. Oh and BTW, I get a "big sister" when and if I go to the "Welcome Back to Dance" party. YAY!

Love, Joy =D


Madison said...

Joy I have missed you soooo much!!! CONGRATS on moving up in ballet!!! I hope you have had a great summer so far!!!

Love, Madison

This Country Girl said...


I'm glad you had a great time on our trip and I'm very excited for you and proud of you for giving your all in whatever you this case, dance. Keep up the good work! I love you!


wrcdgc said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you. Also glad you had a nice mini vacation.


Mandy in Mayberry said...

Congrats, Joy. What exciting news!

I did a Faithful Friday post today.

Kimberly said...

So maybe one day when you're world famous, Julianna and I can watch you on the big stage...?

green gables girl said...

That is so wonderful, Joy! I would be so excited too.

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