Friday, July 24, 2009

Faithful Friday

Hiya amegos!!!!! Time for another Faithful Friday post!!!!! Well, this week, I've got yet another dream to share with you!!!

Okay, so I'm meeting all these cartoon characters(btw, I have this dream usually once a year and this was last year's), that includes the animated fox version of Robin Hood. Well, in every other year Robin turned around, winked at me, pushed a button, and-I know it sounds evil, but, electricuted the bad guy(who, btw was fat) and the dream ended happily. Well, this time, everything was happening as usual, then, BAM!!!!!!!! The bad guy actually dodged the electricution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, all the sudden, everything got black, I heard an evil laugh, and a purple blackish greyish whirlwind came up and the devil and his demons with pitchforks started coming out and coming for me!!!!!!!!!! I've always had the wonderful gift of usually being able to know when I'm in a dream. I just bang my head on something in the dream, and I'm awake!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! Well, I realized I was in a dream. I screamed, then I said, "Satan and your demons, get out of my dream IN THE NAME OF JESUS, AMEN!!!!". Then, the demons and devil were gobbled up by the whirlwind, and I woke up.

What a dream, huh?


Fun fact for ya: I read in a magazine for girls that we dream like eight dreams a night, but usually we don't remember them!!!!!

If you have participated in Faithful Fridays, please tell me in your comment and I'll drop by!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week, and thanks to my participaters and followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Joy =D


This Country Girl said...

I know all about your strange dreams, Joy, but I'm glad you were trusting God even in your dream!

Did I tell you today that I love you? I love you more!


Karen said...

What dreams you have!! And the name of Jesus demons have to flee---they have no choice in the matter! Have a great weekend, Joy. Karen

green gables girl said...

What a dream! Yeah, sometimes I figure out that I'm in a dream, and I started hitting my head and sometimes saying; WAKE UP!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
T hat is so funny!!! It feels weird to be in a dream, doesn't it? I think one time my sister had a dream, and she told someone, "Your in a dream." LOL!!!! Dreams are so weird!!!!!!

That's amazing that we dream 8 dreams a night, and sometimes we only remember 1 of them!!!!

Talk to you soon!

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