Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Beautiful Family......My Own.....

Yep. They're mine. It's my baby dolls. They are my sister and brother in "real life" but in my pretend games, they are MY kids. Here they are.


This little guy is a cutie. He's got that long hair....adorable....LOOK AT THOSE EYELASHES!!!!! LOL He's a shy boy around strangers but around his family and friends he's a mischievous little dude. Haha.....He likes catching mice and always has a little bit of sparkle to his eyes.

This fiery little redhead has been called a million things.....let's see....Annie....Anna....Sophie...Sophia.....and now I call her AnnaSophia so I can call her all those names for short.

She's outgoing, polite, energy-filled, and crazy about her dollies. She IS shy when she's around important grownups.....but other than that she's a little monkey....always greeting people with a nice hug and kiss, and always climbing something.....and eating a....banana? NOOOO, she likes STRAWBERRIES!!!!!! HAHAHAH

This little one has been called Aurora, Rose, Sophie, and Kathryn, but I settled on Rosie.

She's just a newborn, but from the way she acts toward everyone; hardly ever crying, smiling all the time; and loving anyone who's holding her; I think I speak for eveyone when I say she's going to be a kind, generous little girl like AnnaSophia.

And this is....well I call him Patriot. There you go Ms. Janae!!!! Tell your nephew he's a star!! I love his name!! LOL This little one has been called Terry, Jerry, but I like this name Patriot better.

He's mischievous. NEVER EVER, EVER shy. LOL he's used to being wrapped up like a papoose.........I do it to him ALL the time!!! He loves learning to do anything new....that is, except math!!! Hahaha!!!! He positively HATES math.

I'll add on some....I don't play with these AS much, but I do play with them alot.


Rebecky or Liberty(Libby)

Newborn and cuddly is all you can describe her as!!!! Hee hee.

Kathryn, Kathy, Sophie, Sophia, but I'm going to call her Kathryn.

I haven't really decided on a personality for her, but I know she'll be just a tiny bit chubby, and sweet.

These are the South Korean twins. I got them because I think it's cool that my brother is adopted from South Korea. This is Shana: pronounced: SHEA-NA.

She's got a sickness that makes her shut her eyes a lot(hey, I HAD to make a reason for her eyes to be sealed shut ALL the time!). :(

And this is Shaun.

He's a newborn he's so quiet, only cries when a storm comes. He has never cried unless a storm is here....isn't that amazing?

This is Emily. She's my bitty baby. I remember saying that I loved the name Emily when I was little and only naming my babies Emily. HAHAHAHAHAHA Not anymore though.

She's sweet, shy and....short???!! Yep, she's short alright. A short lil' sweety.

This is Moon.

I've had him for as long as I can remember and I named him Moon when I was like two, so I can't drop the name....I just can't do it!!! LOL I have no clue where his clothes are....

He's like a minute old newborn in all my games, so he doesn't really have a personality yet....LOL

Do you like?

Bye friends!!


Love, Joy =D


Karen said...

You have a very cute family of baby dolls!!

This Country Girl said...

I feel like such a doting "Grammy"! :) I've watched you care for these little ones for a long time! I hope you always treasure your dolls....and I love your imagination! I still remember naming all my dolls Rebekah and Rachel when I was little!

Mikey has always melted my heart though....those eyelashes just stole my heart! :)

I love you! 10!

wrcdgc said...

You have very beautiful children!


green gables girl said...

Yeah, Moon seems a little embarrassed that he has no clothes... :)

Mmmmmmm....... what's that sickness called? I've never heard of it...

I LOVE all your dolls! Patriot is a very happy child. I can't imagine you having any problems raising him! :)
Well, I love your family!

I will try to post very soon!

See ya later!

ghomeschool said...

Love the babies. Bobbi has just as many with just as many personalities. Don't tell anyone, but all our stuffed animals have names, voices and personalities. I wouldn't want that to get out. LOL

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