Friday, May 29, 2009

NEW Diary, Day One!!!!!!

Ok, doing the Mexican Girl Diary was SUPER fun, and everybody seemed to like it. So......I'm going to do another diary, this time, a PILGRIM diary!!!!!!!! So, here we go!!!!!!

October 3rd, 1620

Hello, diary. You are the possesion of me, Thankful Humility Potter. My mother's name is May Blessing Potter, but I call her Mammy, and so does my father, Franklin Brewster Potter, and my big brother, Joseph Franklin Potter, and my baby sister, Remember Cherish Potter, who is only one year old. Joseph is 15, and I am 11. I just turned 11, in fact.

I love making things. I make things with my father's old jackknife, although it is against my mother's better judgement. She lets me anyway, because I keep myself busy on this long, lonesome ship by carving things for little children, and sewing doll clothing for Remember, who we call Remmy. Joseph loves to sketch and draw things for himself. I asked him to make a trade with me, I carve something for him, he draws a sketch of the ship for me. He has accepted. Here it is:

He is an excellent artist. He spends his time on one particular drawing that he's been working on ever since we boarded the ship. He saw a girl, who's 14, named Rebekah Sawyer. He seems entranced by her. He has been working on a sketch of her ever since. She is very nice to me, and introduced me to my first friend on board, her sister, Hannah Patience Sawyer, Hannah for short. I left my only friend behind in Holland, Peter John Billing, who was staying so he could earn some money, then come to The New World. Which brings me to why we are on this cunning ship. I will write tomorrow about this interesting affair.

Love, Thankful


Sooo....did you like it? I hope so!!!! Let me know!!!

Love, blessings, hugs, and kisses,
Love, Joy =D


Madison said...

Hi Joy! That sounds like a fun book!!! Oh and tell your brother that I am glad he is ok! Have a great week!

Love, Madison

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love it Joy! Can't wait for the next post on it:)

Zaroga said...

I did enjoy the Mexican diary. This diary is entrancing already. You write well.
Have a great weekend!

This Country Girl said...

I love it, Joy! I'm already hooked! I can't wait follow Thankful's journey to the New World!

Love you and good luck tomorrow!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Will have to come back and check it out more, really like this first entry. You are a great writer.
Miss Molly

green gables girl said...

Wow you're starting a new story! That's a great idea! You're doing great so far! I can't wait to hear the rest!
Love, Lyssie

wrcdgc said...

Another great job! :) I hope your dance recital went well.


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