Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mexican Girl Diary Day 8

Sorry to keep you waiting so long on the finale`!!!!!! Here goes!!!!!

October 12th, 1781

Hola, Friend.

Alas, I write my last entry. Well, there is much to talk about. First of all, the Fiesta for Maria`, and her Papa`, was a grande` success!!!!!! Maria`'s father is mucho cheerful now. He hums a tune every once in a while, and is a mother and father to Maria`, now. Or so it seems. As the men promised, we got our house first, and right away Mama` lay down in her bed. I was put in charge of cleaning, cooking, caring for Mama`, caring for our garden, and caring for Papa`. That was in late April. Yes, It takes a month or so to get a Mexican Hut raised. Oh, by the way, here is a sketch that I did of our house.

I colored it with Berries.

So, now Maria` is content and so is her Papa`.

Mama` had her baby. Thank you, Lord God, Almighty!!!!!! I love you and my little brother. It happened this way:

I was cooking supper, and Papa` had not come in from our fields yet. Well, that was normal. I had read a few Bible verses to Mama`, and hummed an old Mexican Tune. Mama` had fallen asleep and there was silence except for my cooking pots and the birds outside. Everyone in the village was in their homes. Still silence. All the sudden, I heard stirring in Mama`'s bedroom. Now she was whimpering. I was getting a bit frightened. Now she was groaning. I raced into her bedroom to find her sweating, face red, and hair wet. I panicked. "Mama`!!! Mama`!!!! What should I do? What should I do, Mama`?" I asked Mama` this a few times, then when I piped down, Mama` said to get Papa` immediately. I raced out of the house. Just then, Maria was coming out of her house to get water from the well. I screamed to her as I was passing by that Mama` was having her baby with no nurse. Maria` ran off to find help immediately. I ran out to Papa` and shouted to him the news. He swung me onto his horse and we raced on. He let me down at Senorita` Rosita's house. She had become our nurse. I didn't really want to talk to her, because of her boldness, and my shyness, but I was too worried sick to let that stand in my way of getting help. I didn't even wait on Papa` to leave for me to go in. I raced in as soon as Papa` let me off, and I could only hear my frantic heart pounding like a drum in my chest, and Papa`'s horse hooves galloping off. I ran inside. "Senorita!!! Senorita Rosita!!!!! Help!!!!! Me Mama`'s having her baby without help!!!!! Papa`'s already on his way to help her!!!!!! Come Quick!!!!" I puffed it all out in one breath. Immediately, Rosita started grabbing things....blankets, cups, water, a pail, a bisquit, and many other things. She told me to go get milk from her cow and then take her horse, Samuel, because she was taking Ezekiel, her other horse. He was very spirited, so she wouldn't let me ride him, so she told me later. I arrived at the house with the milk just in time to hear Mama`'s last ear-drum busting scream, and the first breathtaking cry of Renando` Pompeio`. I rushed in, and Mama` let me hold the baby immediately. He was so delicate in my arms!!!!! He is 14 days old now, and as cute as ever, black hair, crystal blue eyes, just like mine, and a bit chubby, now. He will forever be my little cherub, Renando`!

So, there you go. I guess I better end my diary now. Thank you, for listening to me and my journey, dear diary.

Amaya, 10 years old. October 12th, 1781, 6:51 PM.


wrcdgc said...


What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. You are a talented little writer.


This Country Girl said...

Hi Joy,

I've really enjoyed Amaya's diary. She sure had alot of experiences! I'm glad she found some happiness and her little brother sounds adorable! I think you've done a wonderful job on this writing assignment!

I love you!

green gables girl said...

Wow Joy, you really wrote a lot! I can't believe you actully thought of that all by yourself! That is such a great story. You did a great job!

I'll will be sure to put you in my give away!
Talk to ya, soon!
Love, Lyssie

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