Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kris....or Adam?

Well, Here we are at another AMERICAN IDOL Finale`.......I really wish Adam had gone home Wednesday night, but........he didn't. Really......Adam could have gone home at any time, and I would have been happy with it either being Allison, Kris, or Danny. Who do you like?

If Kris wins, I vow to watch American Idol for the rest of my life. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Here's some things I like about Kris:

He is a good singer....DUH!!!!!!

He's a praise and worship leader!!!!

I guess he's a Christian.....I don't know.

He's totally a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!

He seems really sweet.

He's totally a cutie....oh WAIT....I already said that!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! -WINK-

But,'s not just that he's cute......that's just a gigantic plus!!!!!

Adam....well....he's a different story.....I'll just tell you what I don't like about him....

He looks evil.

He wears eyeliner, and he's a boy.

He sings with a high-pitch voice. Don't get me wrong....he's a pretty good singer and entertainer.....I just don't like him!!!!

Kris, you ROCK!!!!!!!!

Hey......this is going to be my screensaver in a matter of minutes!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Love and blessings,

Love, Joy =D


green gables girl said...

Hey, Joy!
Great post!
I like American idol too, although I don't really watch it.
Love, Lyssie

wrcdgc said...

I like Adam and Chris both, but my girls are like you they love Chris. Should be a good this week. I think we will see Danny and Alison again in the near future.


MartaWeaverJewelry said...

I'm with you, guys with eyeliner and nail polish really creep me out. My vote is for Kris!

This Country Girl said...


Well you know how I feel and which one I like best! :)

Come over to my blog...I have something for you!

I love you!

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