Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My First Stitchery and a Hint

While at my Aunt Betty and Uncle's house, I started-and finished-my first stitchery. Here is is. It goes perfectly on my desk. I love it!!!!! Tell me what you think.


I'm going to give you another hint about what I'm doing for the giveaway. Here is is: I'm making it.

Love, Joy =D


wrcdgc said...

It looks great Joy. You are so talented like your Mom.


This Country Girl said...


You know how much I love that stitchery! I love everything about it and I'm glad that you enjoyed doing it! It turned out so pretty!

Love you,

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Well, for it being your first stitchery you did a wonderful job! Would love to teach Sydney but I think I'll wait until she is your age to try, I'd be so afraid she would leave the needle laying around Samantha:(

Have a wonderful day and again great job!

CozyCoops Corner said...

I love your stitchery Joy! I like the soft colors and the frame it's in too! I can't wait to see what you are giving away!:-) Have a nice Thursday!

Janene said...

Joy! I am so jealous...Your stitchery looks amazing! I attempted one, and lets just say that I stopped before I finished because it look absolutely hideous!

a southern girl said...

Hi Joy!
Oh I just LOVE your stitchery!
It is just beautiful!

~A Southern Girl~

Anonymous said...

Joy, I love your first stitchery! It is sooo pretty!! I noticed right away the hearts and flower, and your name stitched on it is so pretty!! You did a beautiful job Joy!! I've got to get back to doing mine one of these days! It's been quite sometime since I've worked on it! Hope I didn't misplace it somewhere in my home! ;)

Have a great day and thanks for sharing Joy!

P.S. Love that picture on your Mom's blog that you took of Colt sleeping while traveling in the car!! I won't tell him who took it!! :)

Love & Blessings,

Luke said...

Very nice. I made a few small cross stitch projects, but that's as advanced as I ever got. Keep up the good work!


Tyler said...

Wow, that looks really nice! How did you do that? If you want to tell me leave me a comment on my blog!
PS I really love your blog!

The Whites said...

You did a great job! I've never done a stitchery so you're ahead of me there!


green gables girl said...

Ahhh!!! That so cute! It's going to be your give away? You did a great job making it. I'm going to have to ask my mom if I can enter it.
Love, Lyssie

The Whites said...

Wow Joy That's really cute! I tried to make a pillow for my Little cousin but then I Lost it right before I stuffed it! Ha Ha Ha

Leah Kate [Mandy's daughter]

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