Monday, April 27, 2009

More Previous "Get Well" Gifts!!!!!!

HOLA, EVERYONE!!!!!!!! How are ye? I hope you're doing lovely. I just thought I'd add this in. I love using describing words like, exquisite, lovely, excellent, beautiful, breathtaking, ect. Do you?

At homeschool testing, my mom talked to a lady named Ms. Courtney. She has three kids: Dunnivan, who's 6, Suzanna, who's 4 or 5, and Dison, who's about 1. She asked my mom for our address, so they could send "Get Well" cards. Well, I was really excited when my mom told me that, because I love getting stuff....especially from little kids!!!!! Well, it arrived in a pretty, girly, flowery package. Dunnivan and Suzanna both sent me hearts with my name on them, and "Get Well" cards. Click on the pics to see them up close.

Inside of Dunnivan's card:

Inside of Suzanna's card:

Notice.....Suzanna and I have vivid belly buttons!!!!! I love kids!!!!! lol!!!!

Please continue to pray for me to feel better!!!!! As of now, I am just a smidge little bit tired. But still pray!!!!! Please also pray for a lady named Kris and her family, because her brother just died. Thanks!!!!

Love, Joy =D


This Country Girl said...


That was so sweet of Dunnivan and Suzanna! I know it meant alot to you!

I'm so glad you're feeling better too!

And you KNOW I love those descriptive words!!!

I love you! 10!

The Whites said...

Sweet cards. Praying the you continue to feel better!


courtney said...

Joy thank you for you your sweet words! You are such a joy, so your name is just perfect for you!!! Thank you so much for always being so mindful of playing & helping with our little ones at gym day! You will make a great mommy one of these days! We love you and we're so glad you are feeling better!!! Courtney, Dunnivan, Suzanna & Dison

Madison said...

The are so cute! We have a neihbor next door who used to drop off a paper bag with drawings and stuff inside. Then she would ring the doorbell and runaway.

Love, Madison

Anonymous said...

Joy, so glad to read that you are feeling better! I will still keep you in my prayers, and will also have Kris and her family in my prayers. So sorry about her brother passing away.

That was so sweet of your friends to send you their get well cards that they made.. Those are the best kind to receive! :)

Take care now...and so glad you're feeling lots better!

Love & Blessings,

green gables girl said...

Hey, Joy! Great post!
That was so nice of them! Especially since so little. Did you know them pretty well when you mom was talking to them? :)

On your other post, when you played the piano, I forgot to say that you played really well! I was surprised! I don't know hoe people could move both hands in the right spot! :) It's amazing!!! :)

Love, Lyssie

Amber said...

I tagged you! Come see.

Saturday on the Disney channel the first episode of JONAS comes on. YAYYY!

Zaroga said...

What lovely cards... keep them forever!

I still have you in my prayers... please do the same for me... I'm still tired too.

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