Thursday, April 16, 2009

(Early) Faithful Friday and GIVEAWAY, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

SALUTATIONS, STRANGERS!!!!!!! I haven't been on in a while. Thanks again for not giving up on me.

First, for Faithful Fridays, most of you know that I have type A Flu. I have fever and stuffiness, and the most horrible cough, but, JESUS is getting me through it. Probably the worst part is being weak and unable to go anywhere and having to be careful because I'm so contagious. I hate it. But I've recieved many E-cards and gifts. Ms. Molly Smith, from Molly's Country Memories sent me a kind note and beautiful angel which I'll show another day, and some little kids from the homeschool group sent me heart hangers with my name on them and get well cards. My pop brought me sweettarts three times, also. My Aunt Betty sent me a GREAT E-card, and so did my friend, Allyson. Thanks, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the prayers!

If you participate in Faithful Fridays, let me know in a comment and I'll try to come and check it out. Be sure and link back to me in your post!!!!!!!!!

Now.....the time you've been waiting for......DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!! GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!!

So here is what's going to be included: My prim/country Spring stitchery (I stitched it, stained it, and painted the frame, too).

Also included are some grubby spring blue willow eggs that smell really really good! They're robin egg blue and scented with a mix of berries and cinnamon,....and the Great Illustrated Classics Book, The Prince and the Pauper, by Mark Twain. Here it all is:

Leave a comment and you'll be entered once. If you announce the giveaway on your blog, you'll be entered in 2 more times. (Be sure and let me know if you announce it on your blog). We'll be drawing on Monday morning. You've got until 10:00 PM this Sunday night, April 19th, to enter. This giveaway is for people within the United States and Canada! Good luck!

Love, Joy =D


Janene said...

Joy~You must be feeling much better if you have started blogging again!
I am so happy about that!
Your stitchery is very very good! I so wish that I could stitch like that!
Rest and drink plenty of fluids!
Thinking of you always!

This Country Girl said...


I really love how your stitchery turned out! You're going to have to make one for your dear ole mom! I love the colors!

I can't wait until you're 100% better!

Love you! 10!

arkie said...

Sorry you have been sick. Hope and pray you will be better real soon. Just wanted to tell you that is the cutest stitchery! Great job!

Kath said...

Hi Joy, I am so glad you are feeling better, seeing you post means you're on the mend! :)
What a wonderful giveaway!!! Love the stichery, you are quick the stitcher :)
Keepin ya in my prayers, hope you are feeling 100% better, very soon!

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend.


Kimberly said...

First of all, Joy, I'm glad you're on the mend! Julianna had the same thing awhile ago and it was awful!
Your giveaway is lovely... I see you're a great talent just like your mom!
Hugs from Canada, Kimberly (and Julianna)

basketsnprims said...

That flu really got you, didn't it? I will keep you in my prayers that you are 100% very soon. I know how much you like to get out & about so it must be hard for you to lay low. What a wonderful giveaway, please enter me. Have a wonderful weekend.

Amber said...

Hi, Joy,
You did a really good job on the stitchery. I would like to be entered into the giveaway...and I'm going to post it on my blog, too. I hope you feel better all the way really soon.

Amber said...

Hey! I just posted it! :o)

wrcdgc said...

Joy I'm so glad you are back! I have missed you! Make sure you don't over do it.

Your stitchery is beautiful. I wish we lived closer so you could help me get started on one.


Woods Olde Homestead said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better...sure isn't any fun being sick...your stitchery is
so adorable..please enter me in your giveaway...
Prayers that you get to feeling better...
Prim Blessings...

Carrie said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling a little bit better sweetheart!!
Your stitchery is did an awesome job!! You should be very proud of yourself.
I would love if you entered me into your giveaway and I will be sure to post it on my blog!!
Get better soon...we miss you!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥

Sandy said...

Hi Joy,

What a beautiful blog you have.
You have some great things for you giveaway. I love the stitchery. You did a awesome job! I can see you get your talent from your Mom.

I hope you start feeling better real soon. In our house we all caught it a while back. I know how it's no fun.


Michelle said...

Hi Joy! My daugher loves Spring, and she is inspired now to do a stitchery too! It's very nice! We would love to enter, and I will put and announcement on my blog!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Well Joy I see where you get your talent and you are most talented..I love that little sampler you did..great job..I would love to have this in my please add me to your blog and I will add this to my blog as well..I do hope you get to feeling better..I will put you in my prayers tonight...:)
Gina:) p.s. your kitty is so cute!!!I love kittys and have 7 of them...:)

April said...

Hi Joy!
I just found out about you on Carrie's blog! So glad I did! I'm sorry to hear that you're sick with that dreaded flu...I'll be sure to say a prayer for you!

I love your stitchery...wish I could do that! What a great giveaway...I'd love to be entered!

Have a wonderful day...get better real soon!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

So far the flu hasn't visited Stush and I even with me watching the granddaughters:)

What a lovely giveaway...great job on the stitchery:)I hope you are feeling better today:)

Tammy Lou said...

This is my first time to visit..Sweet Blog and will continue to follow.Sweeet Giveaway, Love the stitchery...

Karen said...

Glad you are feeling better! You have some nice things to give away. I like the stitchery you made. Good job! And I would love to have those willow eggs! :o) Please enter me into your giveaway--and I will post about it sometime today. Hugs~ Ms. Karen

Raggedy Angel said...

Oh did a woderful job, I would be sooooo blessed to win. Take it easy, and drink all the liquds you can. Feel Better, Beth

Dawn said...

Joy, glad you are filling better, that flu can be the pits!! I love the frame color you chose and the eaggs are so real looking. Please add me to your great springy giveaway! Dawn

The Whites said...

Hey Joy, that's a beautiful stitchery - great job! I mentioned it on my blog and I would love to be entered in you give away. It would go great in Leah Kate's room!

We're still praying for you to feel better each day!


Anonymous said...

Joy, I am glad you are feeling better. Your stitchery is really pretty. You did a great job. I can't wait to show you some of the stitcheries I have done.

Love You,
Aunt Betty

Karen said...

Hi, Joy! Just wanted to let you know that I posted about your giveaway on my blog, and I also did Faithful Fridays.
Ms. Karen

CozyCoops Corner said...

I hope you feel better soon Joy. Your stitchery is beautiful! You did a wonderful job on it! I love those eggs and the book too. Please enter me and I will also pot this on my blog later this afternoon. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! Have a good afternoon:-)

Sue said...

I am happy you are feeling better. It does take a while to get over it. I love your stitchery...PLEASE enter me for your giveaway. You are so talented already. Hope you are completely well soon!

Shellmo said...

Joy - I hope you are feeling better soon! I know the flu can really make you feel worn down! Drink plenty of fluids and rest! (I'm sure your mom has told you this too - but I can't help myself - LOL!!) Your giveaway is wonderful - that stitchery is just beautiful! I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Thank you for having this! Blessings to you!

Kindra said...

Joy, I hope you get to feeling better soon. We are all thinking and praying for a speedy recovery!

What a great giveaway! That is so nice of you. You did a super job on your stitchery!! I would have a perfect spot for that. And my 5 year old Kellon loves to read and we would have fun reading a new book. ;)

A Joyful Chaos said...

Hope you will feel better real soon!
You are having an interesting giveaway. I'd be honored to be entered.

Gayle said...

Those eggs are the perfect color, and the stitchery is so cute! Please enter me in your giveaway!

Gayle said...

Please enter my name in your giveaway. Maybe, just maybe I might get lucky and win....

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy! I am so glad to hear that you are on your way to feeling better! That flu bug is downright horrible!

Love your stitchery Joy! It's so pretty!! You did a really nice job on it!! I also love those robin blue eggs and the scent of them would be sooo wonderful!! I always loved The Prince & The Pauper..and if my name would happen to be drawn for your great giveaway, I would place this book along with my other children books on my book shelf, for our grand children and other children who visit us to enjoy.

Take care now and continue onward to getting better!! :)

Love & Blessings,

eeekj35 said...

I hope you get well soon. What are faithful fridays? I love the eggs so much! My kitchen is roosters so they will be a great addition. Thanks for the chance, Kim

Zaroga said...

I hope you get well soon. If the cough gets worse go back to the doctor. Sometimes bronchitis or pneumonia pop up with the flu.

Please enter me and I mentioned the giveaway in my post:

KathyCoop said...

Hi Joy,
Sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you are feeling 100% better soon.
I love the stitchery that you made and the other items in your giveaway. Please enter me. Thank you, Kathy

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Joy, my prayers are still with you. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I am so glad you like your Angel. It just seemed like it was meant for you. You take it easy, do what Mom and the Dr tells you and get well soon.
MS. Molly

BECKY said...

Hi Joy heard you've been sick I hope you feel better. Just telling you I would like to be entered in the contest. If you can please visit my blog and I've been dying for comments.

Love, Madison

Grammy said...

That is so wonderful that you had so many people try to make you feel better. You are truly blessed.

green gables girl said...

Great post! I'm glad you're feeling better!
Yep, I'll enter your giveaway.
Tommoorooww is my sister's birthday! She's turning 7!!! None of us can belive that she'll be 8 next year. She's kind a young for her age, 'cause she is the youngest. But that's partly what makes it had to belive!

Okay, just when I was writing this, Alvin and the chickmunks came on! It kind a surprised and scared me at first, but now I understand why you like it! I love too!!! It sounds kind a fimiller...that main part...
oh, I love it!!!
It just ended.

I might of spelled a few words wrong, and my spell checker just went off.

Love, Lyssie

Ruth Ann said...

What a great blog you have! And what a great giveaway! Please count me in! Have a fabulous weekend!
-Ruth Ann

Wendy said...

Joy, I am so glad to hear you are feeling better!!:0) Take it easy and don't over do it!! I love your giveaway and thanks for having it!! Take care and God bless!!!~Wendy

elaine said...

Get Well Soon! I love your spring stitchery-so quaint! Thankyou for the chance to win.

Elaine R

Jo-Anne said...

Dear Joy- I would LOVE to enter your giveaway!

I hope you are feeling better by now. It's no fun being sick, is it????
Bless you--

millerhomestead said...

Hi Joy, what a sweet give away. I would like to be entered please! Thanks. Have a great weekend. God bless, Jamie

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Hi Joy, Glad your feeling better. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. The stitchery is beautiful. You are so talented!


Madison said...

Ooops me and my mom share a computer and it put her name Becky on the comment instead of Madison on it. so when you put me in the contest have it please under the name Madison.Thanks a lot I've enjoyed your blog.


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet give away Joy! You did such a wonderful job on that are such a talented one. Hope you are over the flu very soon...I had it back in December and I have to tell you its no fun. Hope you are having a good weekend.


Madison said...

Hey Joy I just wanted to tell you that you have helped me a lot! Your blog convinced my mom to let me have one. So if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have a blog. Thanks Joy!!!

Love, Madison

Karen said...

Hi Joy, well it sounds as if you are feeling much better.
I read on mom's Blog that they took you out to dinner to Sonic's in your PJ's - Oh to be young again and be able to do that!

I love your blog and I must say, for a 10 year old you do have what it takes to write a journal....keep it going. Great work

PLEASE ENTER ME IN YOUR WONDERFUL DRAWING....I have been buying Robin's Egg blue items lately because it is becoming so popular again....So I will cross my fingers and toes - (which will be difficult at my age - LOL) that my name is drawn....if not I think someone is going to very lucky!
Hugs, Karen

Madison said...

Hey Joy I saw your post about Betsy Ross and wanted to tell you that I am related to her. It goes way back on my moms side but just thought I would tell you since you have a post about her.

Love, Madison

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