Friday, March 20, 2009

Faithful Fridays!!!!

Wow....Friday rolls around fast, doesn't it? I sure think so.

So, for this Faithful Friday, I'm thankful for two things (well, more than that): I'm thankful for getting to go to my, Aunt Betty's, and Uncle Richard's house. I LOVE my Aunt Betty's house!!!! We like to go shopping downtown, and it's SOOOO magical!!!! I love it! We like to go fishing, too! We're not going to fish this time, though....Too cold! I want to start stitching soon....ok, I'm getting off the subject. SO, I'm thankful we get to go.

For the second thing, I'm thankful for me, well, getting closer to my LORD. Last night, I realized that, sometimes, when I pray like GOD isn't one of my regular friends, I don't have faith, and I feel fake. So, last night, I closed my eyes, and put my mind on, GOD, and talked to him like a regular friend. I couldn't stop praying!!!!!! About...say...a good 45 minutes later my mom hears me say," I'm going to sleep, now, mom". Mom says "Ok....what have you BEEN doing? "Praying." I kept on, too!

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Karen said...

Hi, Joy~I did Faithful Fridays, too.

I'm glad that you get to go to your Aunt & Uncle's house. I hope you have a great time! And, I think it is so wonderful how you talked to God like you would a friend. I'm sure that is how He would like all of us to do, because He is the best friend we could ever have!

You are a sweetie.

Cathy said...

What a wonderful idea Joy! Im participating today!!! you are truly a blessings! and I so enjoy you sharing your walk with the Lord!

Zaroga said...

Joy... I sometimes get lost as to what day it is... even when the calendar is staring me in the face. I will post mine tomorrow.

I love reading this entry. It is nice to see a young girl so devoted to God.

Amber said...

Hi, Joy,
I did Faithful Fridays. :o)

This Country Girl said...


That's the way you should talk to a friend...because that's what he is except he's ALWAYS there! So proud of you!

I hope you have lots of fun this weekend...I know we will!

Love you,

Zaroga said...

Joy, I got mine up: Faithful Fridays -- Patience

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for you...I know God is please with you. What a wonderful relationship you have with our Lord. I posted my "Faithful Firday". I want to express my thanks for your pryers for Kandi. We appreciate so much. Continue to pray for have speedy recovery. Thank again my dear friend...Have a wonderful time at Aunt Betty...and shopping...:) Kathy

Amber said...

Hey, Joy,
I liked reading your Faithful Fridays. :o)

green gables girl said...

Hi, Joy!
Wow!, I can't believe you actually prayed for 45 minutes!!! That's almost an hour!!!
But that was very good to do that. And like your mom's comment that's right over mine,(I skimmed over a few minutes ago, LOL!!!) that is how you should talk to God.

Love, Lyssie

P.S. The LBF means "love being friends.

Susan said...

Many days I find myself saying little prayers throughout the day. And when I lay down at night I start praying again and I always fall asleep :o( You are such an inspiration. Have a good weekend!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Stop over by blog Joy, I particapated too:)

Happy for you that your going to your Aunt's and I hope you have a great time!

wrcdgc said...

Hi Joy,

I did Faithfull with Friday's also. I hope you and your family have a great weekend. :)


The Whites said...

It's just great that you wanted to be more personal with the Lord! That is so pleasing to Him!


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