Tuesday, July 8, 2014

{A Sweet Weekend)

Last weekend, my long-time, long-distance best friend came over and spent the weekend with us--she lives almost an hour away from us, so every time we get to be together, we squeal and hug each other at first sight and then make the most of our time!  :)

Now my Christina is getting all grown up, and she left for a summer college program right after she left our house.  *sniff sniff* They just grow up so fast.  ;)

So of course we had to have a photo shoot, and it was just too much fun.  We grabbed the camera, pointe shoes, and a shaky little chair and headed out to the fields.  Christina was able to use some of these for her senior photos, for which I was honored.  :)

The clouds were gorgeous that day.  (But not as gorgeous as Christina. :))

{I said something funny; she's adorable when she laughs.}

{Oh and her shoes are adorable.}

And then Christina took a turn behind the camera rather than in front of it....


It was a super fun time with my long-distance bestie before she set out on her college adventure.  I can't wait to see how my favorite model continues to excel and pretty much just rock at life!  :)  


Jazzmin said...

So glad you had a wonderful weekend with your best friend! You have the sweetest friendship. Most of my closest friends are girls that I don't get to see but once or twice a year, so I know that feeling you mean, of getting to finally hug and squeal and get so excited about seeing each other after missing each other for so long :)
Your photos are amazing. You captured her smile and joy so beautifully. And that sky adds only more beauty. These look like such nostalgic, classic summer in the country photos you'll be able to look back on with sweet memories years from now.

Hope you have a blessed week, Joy! While I'm on here, thank you so much for all of your encouraging and wonderful comments- I love reading them.

God Bless you,

Naomi S said...

This is so sweet Joy! :)

Brooke Jordan said...

It looks like you both had an amazing time to spend together before she went off to college! Lovely photos!

Breanna said...

Awesome job Joy! You are REALLY good at taking pictures! You and your friend are VERY beautiful! :) <3

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