Monday, October 8, 2012

Just a Little Fall-Related This and That.

Welcome to my post with an unusually long title.  ;)

Well, while you guys are reading this, I should be with my family and friend Christina in another state having some Fall Break fun.  :)  In the meantime, I thought I'd leave you with some photos I've taken lately, and some 'this and that.'  :)

Gah.  So much fall loveliness around here.  :D

Someone wasn't happy I was having him pose for me.  I think he was trying to smile, but it turned out looking something like this.  :P

This photo...didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would.  It focused on the flowers further away instead of the flowers up front...but I kind of like it.  Thoughts?  :)

My pretty purity ring.  :)  And my crazy nails.  I do my nails on a whim, people.  

Luke has started to really like baseball.  Although, he never gets the name right.  He calls it basketball or "bat-ball."  :P

Well, folks, looks like that's it for now.  Hopefully I'll be back in the future with more pictures and scheduled posts.  :)

God bless you!
Joy :)


Emma Mcclelland said...

The fifth picture of Luke is AMAZING! The lighting awesome! Good going!
Emma-- <3

Rebekah said...

Did you get those boots from Wal-Mart in the first picture? Because they look like the ones that I really want from there.
Awesome pictures!
God bless,

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I love all the pics you've been taking lately! It's so nice to have another photographer in the family!

I love you! 10!

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