Thursday, April 5, 2012

Story Startin'

Hi everyone!  I'm very sorry that I've been so MIA lately!  I think it's been a combination of business and not really knowing what to post.

But, I have a couple of posts in mind for you, so you better get ready.  :)


I love to write.  I love to read.  Actually, I love anything that has to do with English!  Reading, writing, grammar, spelling, you name it! 

I also love pretending--imagining, thinking, creating, that sort of thing.

So what do you get when you put those two together?

Story starting!  Take a picture.  Preferrably an old one, like this:

{This picture via Google--is it just me, or does the lady in the middle remind you of the housekeeper from the Brady Bunch?!}

And then begin writing--maybe a story, a "journal", or just imagine what the personality of the people in the pictures were.

Like that man there on the left--his name is Frederick Von Schneider.  He is a rough, but educated, man, slim, tall, but not very handsome.  His wife there in the middle--yes, the only one in the picture that is smiling--is Elise Von Schneider.  She is the life of the Von Schneider home, always merry, keeping things lively and keeping the rest of the family on their toes--her husband in particular. 

Beside Elise is Jacob, the small boy on the right.  He is five years old, serious at some times, but mischievious at others, but generally a bit shy.  As you can see by the protective hand on his mother's lap, he is very close to Elise.

On the other side of Elise is six year old William, affectionately called Willie by everyone in the family.  Willie is a chubby, smart little boy who is full of life--and a bit full of himself, if you were to ask his older sisters.  :)

Topping off the lineup of boys in the familiy is Isaac, who is standing behind Willie and Frederick.  Isaac is a proud, somewhat stuffy boy, but just like any other twelve year old boy, he loves sports and playing with his friends.

Across from Isaac, with her hand on Elise's back, is Eleanor, the quiet, serious middle girl of the family, at eleven.  Eleanor prefers her nickname, Elle.  Elle likes reading, staying secluded in the bedroom she shares with her sisters, and studying.  She has a small, tight circle of friends.

Beside Elle is Josephine, the complacent, fun, youngest girl of the family at nine.  "Josie" is easy-going, laid-back, and fun.  She's a sweet girl, easy to make friends with, but not quite a social butterfly.

Sitting by Josie is Hattie, the oldest girl of the family at thirteen, soon to be fourteen.  She is responsible and dignified, but not above having fun when it's in order.  She's a great help to her mother and she loves helping her father in his office, although the rest of the Concord, Massachusetts, society doesn't think it is quite acceptable for a girl to do males' work. 

All in all, The Von Schneider family is quite different from other families in their community.  They have more fun, less worries, more relaxation, less strict society-ness.  They march to the beat of their own drum and try their best to exhibit Christianity as it should be done--genuinely.


That was very fun.  :)  I think I might just have to do it again, if you guys aren't tired of it already!  :P

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God bless you!
Joy :D

P.S. How do you guys like the new blog look?!  I'm working on a new header, new font, font colors, etc., so it's still sort of "under construction".


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

First of all, Joy, I love your story! I love that you just did a creative assignment that your mom didn't even assign you and you made that picture come alive with your words! I feel like I know them! I loved it! Yes, do it again! :)

Love your new blog look too! It is very much YOU!

And I love you! 10!


Stella said...

Oh, this is an amazing job! I love how you got a picture from google and made your own story out of it!! :)
Great, great, great! Am a new follower!

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