Monday, November 7, 2011

Please Pray for Blossom!

I have a special prayer request today--a girl that God's laid heavily on my heart.

This is Blossom.

She's frequently referred to as "Bubbly, Beautiful Blossom", and I think you can see how she got that name!  Look at her smile--it just radiates out from her face!

Blossom is thirteen years old.  She has spina bifida and her left leg is amputated above the knee.

Despite this, Blossom shines.

Blossom is being cared for at Shepherd's Field, a wonderful home for orphans in China.

Some of you may know that in the Chinese adoption process, once a child turns fourteen, they are not allowed to be adopted--this is commonly called "aging out".  It's a very sad thing--in some cases, a child must spend the rest of their life in the orphanage (until they are able/want to leave).  And, I've heard of cases where a child is made to move out of the orphanage on their own--to fend for themself.  Either way, a child that has aged out will never know the love of a family and will forever carry the title of "orphan".  That title is considered "unlucky" and quite scorned upon.  It could keep Blossom from getting a good job or education (to read more about this, please click HERE.  I love this article that was posted on the Love Without Boundaries blog).

So Blossom has several strikes against her.

-She has a more significant special need.

-She is an older child.

Halloween Cowgirl Blossom!

And, to top it off, Blossom's paperwork is not even ready yet--it never has been.  Therefore, that could very well be the reason she has not yet found her family.  I have confidence that Blossom has a few families waiting for her file.  I think that when she does hit the Shared List, there will be more than one family ready to begin considering and praying over her. 

But, Blossom will age out in about seven months.  If a family worked very hard and pushed to get their process expedited, they could bring her home in time before she ages out.

I have access to a wonderful, lengthy video of Blossom where she speaks in her wonderfully poised way, shows off her amazing artwork, and writes her name.  If you would like to see the video and/or get more information on Blossom, please email us at

Read about Blossom:

"She has spina bifida and her left leg is amputated below the knee, so she's in a wheelchair. She has been at Shepherd's Field since July (thanks to some wonderful sponsors!!) and a specialist there has evaluated her and thinks that she would be able to eventually walk with a prosthesis! I have pictures of her swinging on the swings and playing on playground equipment with the other kids (going up the steps and sliding down the slide) so she can certainly get around on her own and has the muscle strength!

Until she came to Shepherd's Field in July, she'd never had any schooling. She had a nanny who taught her some things and she is bright, and she is now learning at Shepherd's Field."

Blossom needs our prayers.  She needs prayer, first of all, that she will come to know Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior.  That's the most important thing.  Secondly, Blossom needs to have her file completed and sent to the Shared List--now!  And then, Blossom needs a family to sprint to her and scoop her up and love her like only a family can.

Will you join me in prayer for this sweet girl?

God bless you!
Joy :D


Cassie said...

Joy, you have a beautiful heart for orphans.

I will keep Blossom in my prayers and I will pray that she finds a forever family!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh my, Blossom is a ray of sunshine! I will pray that Blossom's family finds her!

I love you! 10!

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