Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~The Journal of Lucy Lyn Hart~

Hi Everyone!  I decided to start another journal series!

June 2nd, 2011. 

We're on a Delta Airlines airplane, on our way to Seoul, South Korea.  From there, we will fly over North Korea (that's somewhat scary), and into Beijing, China, where we will begin learning basic Mandarin Chinese.  Then we will fly to a little village close to the China/Mongolia border and begin our mission work. 

My name is Lucy Lyn Hart, and I am a Christian girl.  I am 12 years old and am going with my mama, daddy, and little brother to China to be missionaries. 

My mama, beautiful and godly, is named Faith Noelle Hart.  She is a faithful Christian who has a big, loving, compassionate heart. Taking care of and loving her husband, Luke, and her kids, Elijah, Hunter, and me is second to being a Christian and she takes it very seriously as her calling. I love her SO much! She's very godly and faithful, and she's zealous for God. When my daddy told us that God was calling us to China, she accepted it eagerly with excitement and kindled a fire in her heart for the people of China that is burning true and bright.  She has beautiful red higher-back length hair that has summery golden streaks in it. She has cute sidebangs and a ready smile, along with sparkly, deep chocolate eyes and silken lashes. She has a thin figure and is about 5'7.

My daddy, Luke Lee Hart, is a strong, supportive, and hard working man. As my mama does, my daddy takes taking care of his family in a very serious way. He works hard and also took up God's call to us with excitement and eagerness.  He has black hair, green eyes, and a strong build.  He is a tall man at about 5'10. 

My older brother, Hunter Yong Hart, is a 22 year old man from South Korea.  He is staying in the U.S. since he is married and his wife, Morgan, is expecting their first child--a girl, whom they will name Rebecca.  Hunter has thick, coarse black hair, tan skin, and dark brown eyes.  He is little, like most Koreans, at about 5'6, almost 5'7. 

(Here I shall leave a blank space, where I hope that one day I can tell about another brother or sister of mine!)

I am a 12 year old Christian girl who loves God more than anyone and her family more than any other person on earth.  I am so very excited about accompanying my family to be missionaries to China.  I have blonde-brown hair, chocolate eyes just like my mama's, medium skin, and a thin figure.  I'm about 5'. 

I just ate lunch...bleh!  Airplane food makes me nauseous.  There are some neat things that my parents tried out--seaweed peanuts!  We saved some to bring home. 

There's been a bit of chaos during airport security for our family.  First of all, it's hard to handle getting three people, two adults and one child, through security when you have to take out your passport, hand it over, take it back, put it back where you had it, take your shoes off and put them on the conveyer belt, take your belt off and put it on the conveyer belt, take everything out of your pockets and put it on the conveyer belt, put blankets on the conveyer belt, put carry-on bags on the conveyer belt, take your camera off and put it on the conveyer belt, walk through a metal detector, collect everything off the conveyer belt, and get it all situated, all the while staying together.  Plus, there's been some mishaps.  For instance, I left my camera and when we came back to get it, it was laying under the conveyer belt on the floor.  It had been laying in the lost and found and had gotten knocked over.  Once, the laptop almost fell off the belt.  And again, dad had a piece of metal in his back pocket that was sending off the detectors...and he couldn't locate it!  It took about ten minutes for us to figure it out!

I am seated next to my BEAUTIFUL mama and an ADORABLE little Korean girl...her name is Hyun Lee Taek and she is five years old. 

We're about to land, so I have to put up my journal for now.  I will write once we're on our way to Beijing. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

God bless you!

Joy :D


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I'm so glad to see you writing a journal series again! I love your writing! Keep it up! I know God is and will use your writing too! Great job!

I love you! 10!

madelyn said...

Dear Joy,
I love your blog. I'm also a christian. I read your comment you left me and thank you. God loves you.

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