Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Week's Waiting Kids!

Update! Sara has found her family! Thank you, JESUS!

Hi everyone! I want to focus on one precious little blessing this week.

This is adorable Jonathan! He is with BAAS, and is about 18 months old. Oh my goodness! He must be a very, very, very sunshiney little blessing! Just look at those pictures! Here's what's written about him:

Updated report on Jonathan (December 2010):

Jonathan was born in October of 2009. His special needs are cleft lip and palate; hernia. He is being cared for at the Half Sky program.
His weight is 7.30kg, height is 71cm, and his head size is 46cm. His chest size is 46cm, and his number of teeth is 6.

He can sit on his own, stand holding onto something and take steps holding hands with someone. He is bright, curious and good-natured. He loves to smile and communicate with others. He understands instructions and loves to listen to music.

Jonathan is from Luke's orphanage (and just as a side note, that orphanage was very good about corresponding with us when we asked through care packages). He is so young! He could be adopted and grow up with an earthly family (because Jesus is our Father, of course, if we ask him into our heart) and hopefully know his Heavenly Father!

Please pray for Jonathan.

Pray that, if it's in God's Will, to please give this beautiful child a family.

Please pray and ask God if this little guy or another orphan might be your child.

Pray for any families that might be considering Jonathan; pray that God will give them wisdom and confirmation on whether this is their child or someone else's, and pray that he will give them courage to face whatever the adoption of a beautiful orphan may bring.

Please pray that Jonathan will come to know Jesus very early on in his life so he can share The Good News with those around him; nannies, children in the orphanage, and everyone else he knows.

Pray that He will help Jonathan if he is bullied or looked down on, and ask Him to help Jonathan to have courage and endurance and hope through HIM throughout the time he is in the orphanage.

Please pray and ask Him to help Jonathan battle his special needs and keep him safe, blessed, and provided for, and that he will stay healthy and have the best care possible.

Please pray for all the orphans, in China and other countries, all the people who need HIM, that they will be blessed and provided for and protected and that they will know Him.

Please pray for the new Christians and the missionaries and pastors in other countries to have faith, courage, hope, love, protection, provision, and blessings in their life and that they will be very, very, VERY close to God.

Joy :)


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I sure hope little Jonathan finds his family soon! I know they're out there somewhere! One thing we know....they really ARE a great orphanage and really do CORRESPOND well with the adoptive families! We sure were blessed!

Thank you for having a heart for these orphans!

Love you, Joy! 10!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

We will rejoice (together) the day that we see little Jonathan is no longer on the list....that his family has found him! Thank you for advocating for him!

I love you! 10!

Monica said...


We are happy to announce that our family has recieved PA to adopt Jonathan. We are now working on paperwork, homestudy and fundraising :)


Youthers said...

Hey Joy,

I was just doing blogwalking and found your blog. I have to say that this is a great blog, and I'm so blessed by your passion on the little kids that you posted about in your blog, It's really cool that you're not ashamed to talk about God and mention Him a lot of times. But above all I really am amazed by what you're doing here, it's awesome! so, anyway keep up the great work in Christ.

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