Saturday, August 21, 2010

I've been tagged!

By Cassie, from Inside My Mind. Thanks Cassie!

The instructions with this tag are: Answer the 10 questions that are given from the person who tagged you, then add 10 more of your own and tag 6 bloggers.

Here are the questions:

1. In what location do you feel God's Presence the greatest?

Hmm...usually a quiet place where I'm praying and can concentrate fully on him.

2. What is your favorite craft? (i.e. knitting, scrapbooking, drawing, etc.)


3. How many brothers and/or sisters do you have?

2 brothers, one is 21, Colt, and one is 2, Luke.

4. Do you have an iPod?

Nope but I have a super old mp3 :)

5. Do you speak a second language?

A little bit of Spanish and a little bit of Chinese.

6. What type of food is your favorite? (i.e. American, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, etc.)

American! Or French...French is pretty good, too.

7. Have you ever eaten sushi?

Ewwww no.

8. If you had to live in a foreign country for five years, which country would you pick and why?

Probably either Korea or China. Korea-Because it seems like a good place to live if you can't live in America, and you can do mission work and I'd like to learn about the culture since Colt's adopted from there. China-I kind of miss it! It's not the greatest but it is pretty nice.

9. Can you either "speak" sign language or read Braille?

I know a little sign language.

10. Describe your pets:

Bambi-Fat, furry, loving, hairy.

Now for my 10 questions...

1. How long have you been on blogger?

2. What's your favorite food?

3. What was your first word?

4. What's your favorite form of art?

5. What's the most recent thing God has done for you?

6. When's your birthday?

7. Did you take swimming lessons to learn how to swim?

8. Have you ever taken lessons for things like dance, gymnastics, Piano, etc?

9. What's your favorite article of clothing?

10. Do you like doing tags?

I tag...

Madison at Madcrafts

Allyson (friend with a private blog) at Green Gables Girl

Elizabeth at 4 Siblings 1 Me

More posts coming soon! Thanks again for tagging me, Cassie :) Can't wait until your sister and mom and dad get home!


Cassie said...

I loved reading all of your answers, Joy! Thanks for doing it. *smiles*

I know! I can't wait until my Mom, Dad, and sister get back too!

Your friend,

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