Monday, May 24, 2010

Thoughts of an 11 year old Sis-to-be...

Every time I pass a boy toy in a store or anywhere, I think, "Luke will like that!!" Then I think, "Wait. I haven't even met Luke." I think if I had enough money I'd buy all the sweets and toys in the world for Luke. I'm going to spoil him!

I keep wondering if we will be those once-in-a-blue-moon kind of siblings that never fight and are best friends, or if he'll be the kind to take my diary and stuff and show it to his friends and get on my last nerve, or if I'll be such a softie I won't care. :)

I wonder who he'll be friends with. Will he be shy, outgoing, or in-between? Will he like baseball, soccer, basketball, or football? Will he take to Matt or Dunnivan or Tyler or Silas or Reid?

I wonder what his voice will be like...high pitched and quick, or deep and slow. Or will he eventually grow into a bit of a southern accent like Colt has or willl he have a Chinese accent? I wonder what his crying will sound like and what his laughing will be like.

I wonder if he'll take a little bit after mom or dad or me or Colt. Colt has taken after mom and dad.

God Bless,
Hugs, Joy


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I wonder all those things too...pretty soon we're going to find out! :)

I love you! 10!

Lilly's Family said...

I sometimes wonder those things too.We are going to find out(my parents first):( Love ya!!

Cassie said...

You're going to be a great big sister, Joy!

I know... I wonder similar things about Chloe too...

Right now we're thinking we might leave at the end of June... I'm so excited!!!


Never So Simple said...

I am so happy for you and your family. I think we are all as excited as you. If that is even possible. June is just a week away. :)


Amanda said...

Joy you bring tears to my eyes! Luke is one special blessed little boy! You will be a wonderful big sister and I hope him and Reid will be friends!

Nancy M. said...

Those are some great questions! I hope soon you'll be able to meet him and find out some of the answers!

Shelley said...

Your new little brother is going to be very luck to have a sister like you!! I'm very happy for you and your family! God bless!!

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