Friday, April 9, 2010

Faithful Friday!

It's a little late, but I want to do a post!

So for this Faithful Friday's post, I want to say how thankful I am for the speed of our adoption process. Everything has been miraculously fast(or to me, anyway). Mom and I were discussing the dates of all our stuff with dad, and it's very suprising about how fast we've gotten all our documents and approvals. I know God has moved all the pieces into place. He's been working everything right. And I think that we were meant to do adopt, and that's awesome. I know we will have a big story to tell when Luke gets home, and I'm going to write a little book for him.

Well that's it! I'm really tired...probably about to doze off soon....

God Bless,
Joy :)


Debbie said...

Luke is so blessed to have a family and especially a big sister like you! *hugs*

Hope you enjoy your weekend,

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


God has answered so many prayers along this adoption journey! It's very exciting to think in a about 8 weeks we could be meeting Luke for the first time, isn't it? I know he's going to love you!

I love you!

Tanya said...

Hi Joy,
I've enjoyed your momma's blog and nice to meet you too! You are a sweetie and so cute. I have 3 daughters (15, 19, and 22) and a son (24) I love being around girls! :0) I teach 3rd grade and love those 8/9 year olds too. You have such a cute blog and I can tell you are a beautiful Christian young lady. I know you must be so excited for your new brother to come. You will be a wonderful big sis. I do a Thankful Thursday blog .... So for YOUR Faithful Friday, I will pray for continued "faith" for your family on your adoption journey. God bless you!

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