Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mary Did You Know.....

That your baby soooo cute? *smile* I was Mary in our church's Christmas program. I didn't talk (it was mostly acting and music), but I sang back up and got to hold Baby Jesus, (( AKA Corbin )) the wholeeee time! He's just a doll! :) He's three months old, and this is me and him.

And Joseph, (( AKA, Chris, most annoying boy on earth )) Didn't get to hold the baby. >:) I'm sorry, Joseph, you're not gentle enough!!! This is me and Joseph.

Just a FYI, I did not like my costume! The dress was okay, but the head piece was hot, and itchy.

Anyway, It was called "Hay"llelujah. Get it, Hay? It's supposed to be the Nativity, but from the animals' point of view. Here's the cast:

Annunciation Angel: Chloie


Joseph: Chris

Troubadour Angels: Madeline, Molly Grace, Alexandra. (( They sang songs a lot and acompanied Mary and Joseph, kind of like Narrator angels! LOL ))

Blues Donkey: ((sang "He's a Soul Man )) Matthew

Innkeeper: Dakota

Baby Jesus: Corbin!

Cow: Weslea

Rooster: Cole

Mama Chicken: (She and Rooster sang "The Holy Ghost will Take the Chicken Out of You")

Ram: Brandon

Black Horse: Emma

lambs: Miranda and Madison

Sheep: Hannah

Dove: Brianna

Cat: Piper

Duck: Abigail

Bunny: Alexis

Goat: Ben

Bull: Ian

Heavenly Hosts: ((sang "Angels we Have Heard On High")): Melissa, Tiffany, Chloie, Molly Grace, Madeline, and Alexandra.

Rastafarian Horse: (( sang "De Light comes" )): Scott

Hippie Wiseman Camel: Sarah

Rock-n-Roll Camel: Brittany

Soul Singer Camel: Molly Grace

Victory Land Stars: Lauren, Lilly, Ethan, Anna, Aliya, Jacob, Landon, Talon, Anna M. and Mackenzy.

Noah's Ark Baby Chicks(( The little baby nursery, which I help in. )) Josiah, Payton, and Bella.

Costume Mistress: Miss June

Prop Master: Mister Darrin

Music Coordinators: Josh and Scott

Lighting and Sound: Andy and Chat

Administrative: Miss Dolly

Director/coordinator: Miss Lori

Some of the songs:

On the Road to Nazareth, sung by Weslea.

Jeremiah was a Prophet, sung by Sarah the Hippie Camel- (to the tune of Jeremiah was a Bullfrog).

Camel Train to Egypt, sung By Molly Grace, the Soul Singer Camel- (to the tune of Midnight Train to Georgia).

I'm a Believer, sung by Hannah the Sheep- (to the tune of Now I'm a Believer)!

Away in the Manger, sung by the Stars of Victory Land Preschool- same song, of course.

I'm Feeling Good, sung by the Troubadour angels at the opening- sung to the tune of that same song I'm Feeling Good.

Praising in the Streets, sung by The whole cast as the closing song- (To the tune of Dancing in the Streets).

As you can see, a lot of these songs are regular songs, changed to Christian sounding ones! Ms. Lori, the coordinator, was really creative. There were alot more songs. After the angels finished singing "In Excelsis Deo", Mr. Scott, started in singing Deo.... "De Light" (De Light comes and he makes earth his home...). It was funny!

Some more pictures....

Me as Mary...

The set...

Stars and baby chickens... Luke would have been a baby chic if he was already here!

More pics of the cast...

Have a great day, Merry Christmas, God bless, hugs and kisses,

Love, Joy :D


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


You did a great job playing Mary and yes, Corbin is precious! He was so good for you! Everyone did a wonderful job and I was really impressed with Mrs. Lori's songs! I loved it!

I love you!

Backwoodsprim said...

Joy, the Christmas play looked & sounded like it was alot of fun!
What a blessing it is to see a young person like you honoring & serving the Lord!
Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas!!
Backwoodsprim & A Southern Girl

green gables girl said...

Awesome pics! I'm sure you did a fantastic job!!! I wish I could have seen you! It looks like there is a lot of parts you could of gotten...and of all of them, you were Mary! It must have been the coolest thing to have held that little baby Corbin! That is just so cool!

I hope you had a very good Christmas!
Love, Lyssie

P.S. I got four webkinz! :)

green gables girl said...

Oh, I forgot to say in the other comment that I love the song; Mary did you know! LOL

wrcdgc said...

You look like a little Mom already. Luke is going to be spoiled by his big sister. :)


Mandy in Mayberry said...

Looks like a great program - I bet you were a wonderful Mary!

Happy New Year, Joy!

Anonymous said...

hi corinn here im on babydow now and my idefer is rinieroo

Madison said...

Hey Joy what's you username on Babydow? Mine is virtualmommy67

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