Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Addicting New Website I Want to Share...

That's my website! I love that place! It's on the top of my most visited websites! I love it! Babydow is so fun! You get virtual babies, and you take care of them until they are three years old(doesn't really take years), and they go off to school! I have thirteen here they are:

Carter Selena Maria-three yrs old
Lee-three yrs old
Sonny-one yr and 5 months, two weeks.
Sammie(Sonny's twin)-one yr and 5 months, two weeks.
Isaiah Nicholas-yr and 3 months
Kairii Noelle-7 months
Josiah Malichi-5 months and two weeks
Bella May-5 months
Jacob Eli-10 weeks
Kylie Rose(Jacob's twin)-10 weeks
Colt Zhi Jie(named after my two brothers!)-8 weeks
Justina Hope-4 weeks
Karson Cai-Lyn-2 weeks

Do you like the names? Carter and Lee went off to school already, so I don't take care of them anymore. :( Anyway, I just love this place! Another fun website is

Thanks for stoppin by, God bless!

Love, Joy


Debbie said...

It sounds like a cute site Joy! How do you take care of so many babies? lol I will have to tell my neice about it.

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!

Madison said...

Thanks for sharin! I saw "babydaw" in another one of your posts but didn't search it.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Boy do I know you're addicted to BabyDow! I love seeing the names you come up with though! You are an excellent "virtual mommy"!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

does it cost anything to play? please let us know

green gables girl said...

Sorry I have not been going on blogging for like forever! I will really try to do it way more often! I know, I am addicted to babydow.... we both are! But no one can blame us... it is like the best website in the world!

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