Friday, September 11, 2009

Faithful Fridays

Hey bloggers!! I'm feeling better today. Thanks for all your prayers!!! Well, today I haven't been outside yet, but it looks really hot. I'm ready for cold weather. Or cooler weather, I should say. I'm not ready for snow yet ;) LOL
For this Faithful Fridays post, I want to share something out there for the other kid bloggers. But of course, this could go for adults, too.

This happened at the church we used to go to. We went on Wednesday nights for classes like Joybelles, Bluebelles, Sonbeams, etc. I think I was Joybelles (how ironic!). LOL I walked into the bathroom and a girl from my class was in one of the stalls making a whole lot of racket. I slowly walked into the next stall and locked the door. "You ok?", I said. She didn't respond but instead her head appeared at the top of the her stall's wall. Ok. Let me stop it right there. I used to do that. Then my parents got onto me, and so did some other grownups. So I stopped. I told the girl that. She said this: "Come on, try it, it's fun. Nobody will ever know." I stopped. I had heard that before. In the Sunday School lessons and the movies. The person gives in, then gets in trouble. I wasn't. I told her that they would know. She gave me a look that could have killed me. "How?" "I don't know. They just will." I thought about it, and then I said, "I'll tell them. I'll tell because we aren't supposed to do that. But if you stop I really won't tell. Come on, don't wanna get in trouble." I really liked this girl, and I really didn't want her to get in trouble. But then she saw I was serious. And she kept on doing it. I got mad then. "STOP!!" "No." she said. Then I told her I was gonna tell when I got back. Keep in mind I was still in the stall the whole time, and she was, too. She walked out, glaring at me through the hole of the stall. LOL She said, "Whatever", and gave me a mean smile, washed her hands, then you know what she did? She turned the lights out on me and closed the door and left. I was in the dark, alone. I was about to scream, then I thought better. I felt my way out of the stall and over to the lightswitch. I turned it on and washed my hands then went back to class. I didn't want to tell about the girl in front of the class, so I waited until after. Btw, the girl acted like nothing was wrong when I came back in. After class, I told the teacher. She said she'd handle it. She thanked me for telling her, and said if it ever happened again to let her know. I felt good. So that, my friends, is it. The moral is: Don't ever listen to somebody or something if you know in your heart that it's not right. It's probably going to end with you losing someone's trust, and getting in trouble. Or, it might get you, or somebody else hurt. Just listen to God's voice inside you. Don't worry, you'll hear it. And afterwards, you'll feel great knowing you didn't give in to pressure.

I have another story.

I was at a friend's house I hadn't seen in a long time. She and I were going to take turns riding the bike, and I was going first, I was wearing flip-flops. At the time, my dad had told me I wasn't allowed to ride in flip-flops because if I wrecked, as he put it, I'd mess my feet all up and hurt myself or someone else-or both!! :) So.....I had that driven into my mind. I remembered that rule, and I told the girl. She looked puzzled. "But your dad's not here." I was puzzled. "So?" "So who will tell him?" the girl said, pushing the bike toward me. I struggled. I wanted to ride that bike sooo much. I had already tried on the girl's extra shoes and they were too big. I jumbled through my thoughts.....but I kept hearing that voice. "Remember your dad? He'll be disappointed in you, Joy", it said. I love my dad, and I didn't want to disappoint him. I made up my mind. "Who would tell, Joy?" she said. "I would" I said softly. "Huh? But why?" I told her that my dad told me I wasn't supposed too, and I would feel bad and end up telling him even if I did ride the bike with my flip-flops. "Are you sure?" She acted as if she didn't like what I was saying. "Yep." I said. So for the five minutes we played on the bike-LOL-I just ran alongside. And it was fun. :) Moral: Listening to God can also turn out fun.

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Faithfuly Fridays is where we share a prayer request, answered prayer, or just share our faith or any other Christian experience.

God Bless,

Love, Joy =D


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I'm proud of you for doing the right thing when you knew you "might could get by" doing what you wanted and was fun to do at the time (and was pressured to do). Of course, this post made me smile! But more than that, God is super pleased! :)

I love you.....MORE!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I forgot to tell you...although you probably already figured it out....I participated in Faithful Fridays! Thank you for hosting it!

I love you, Joy!


wrcdgc said...

Joy these are great lessons and reminders for us adults also. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.


Nancy M. said...

Those are some awesome stories! I know your parents are proud of you for making such good decisions.

Blessed Beyond said...

Glad you are feling some better! Hope and pray you get to feeling well soon! YOu keep doing right and listening to God and you will do wonderful things! I really think you are an awesome young lady! I know you make your parents proud! I'll be doing my post here in a few!

Hugs and Blessings,

Madison said...

Great lessons! I am so glad I found your blog! You really encourage me in a lot of ways!

Love, Madison

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