Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Sweet Gift From a Sweet Friend

Hello everybody!!!!! I hope you are having a great week!!!! I am!!!!! When I came home with mom the other day from a few errands, mom went outside to talk to my dad. I came in, and as I sat my stuff down, I noticed a package on the counter with a letter from my penpal, Allyson. I looked at the address. Donna C. I stared for like, two minutes!!!! lol!!!!! I didn't know what to say. I wanted to see if mom knew about it yet. I just finally yelled, "Allyson!!!!". HAHAHA!!!!! My mom came in, and we opened the package, saying over and over, and over again, that she shouldn't had sent it. She had a little bag with the following things for me:

Mechanical pencils
Jewelry kit
"Joy" letters
cute erasers


My mom also posted about this, so go check it out!!!!!

Have a great week!!!! I just said a prayer for all the people who read this to be blessed!!!!!!

Love, Joy =D


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What a sweet gift for a sweet little lady. Hope you have a great summer.
MS. Molly

Shellmo said...

What a sweet gift you received Joy!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

What a nice surprise!


wrcdgc said...

You are more than welcomed. It made my day knowing it made you happy.


This Country Girl said...


Ms. Donna is truly a sweet caring person! She was so nice to send you (and me) all those goodies! I pray that she is blessed for giving too!

Love you! Have a great day!
Mom (10!)

green gables girl said...

Great post, Joy!
I don't really understand one part, though. So, you saw my letter, and then there was another package from Donna? LOL! I'm just curious. :) Let me know! :)

Talk to you soon!
Love, Lyssie

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I think that is a perfect gift for such a sweet young lady!!

hugs, Miss Linda

The Whites said...

What a great surprise, Joy!


Cheryl B. said...

" When I write or share something about one of my friends in a posting, I always make sure I send them a copy of it, so they know what was said about them. Today I included information about you and your blog site in my posting, so I thought I should let you know about it as well."

The above paragraph is the first paragraph in an email I sent out today, to all of the owners of blogs whom host "theme days", that I could find email addresses for. But I was unable to find an email address on your blog so that I could include you in the email. The rest of the email is what I posted today on our blog. Go to: www.xanga.com/thehousethatlovebuilt to read it for yourself.

Hopefully, it will then clarify of all of this for you ;-}

Cheryl B.

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