Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Baby Elephant Walk

Hi Everybody....I think I'm at the tail end of this flu. I hardly have a cough, and I haven't had any fever since this morning, and the doctor gave me an antibiotic, and some stuffiness medicine. THANK YOU, JESUS!!!!!! Thanks to YOU, for all your prayers and patience while I was sick. I feel lots better, now. **********************************************************

Here's a video of me playing the piano. The name of this song is The Baby Elephant Walk. Hope you enjoy it.

I want to announce a wonderful new blog. It's called Mad Crafts. You absouletly HAVE to stop by and see Madison's blog!!!!! It's awesome!!! She's really talented!!!!! **********************************************************
Amber tagged me for this meme: Calling ALL Homeschoolers! A Homeschooling Meme just for us! Here are the rules: Answer all 10 questions! Then, Tag 3 or more homeschoolers! HERE WE GO:
1)How long have you been homeschooled? Since I was born...HA HA HA!!!!

2)What grade are you in? 4th, almost 5th.

3)What is your favorite subject(s) in homeschool? History and Reading

4)What is your least favorite subject(s) in your homeschool? Math

5)What is a current/previous homeschooling challenge you've faced? Math

6)What are you looking foward to over the coming year? Going to the Family Reunion

7)Name three things you like doing in the summer with your family. Walking, swimming, and hanging with my family

8)What other activities do you enjoy, such as sports, hobbies, etc.? Piano, Taekwondo, Dance, and acting, and crafting

9)Are you taking a foriegn language? Are you going to in the future? Which one? A little bit of Spanish

10)Where do you homeschool? (Kitchen table, livingroom, etc.) Kitchen, Livingroom, Mom's bedroom

I tag:

Allyson, and anybody else who wants to do it!!!!!!!

Here is what Ms. Molly sent me in the mail, since I was sick. Thank you, Ms. Molly!!!! I love it!!!!!!

Here is the card she sent:

Thanks for reading my blog!!!!

Love, Joy =D


wrcdgc said...

Oh I love seeing you smile. I am so happy you are feeling better. I have missed you. I always enjoy reading your blog and have missed your daily poosts.

What a beautiful angel just like you.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Ahh Joy how sweet for you to show her, I am so glad you liked her. I am so glad you are feeling better, but you continue to rest for a little while longer.
You did so good playing the Baby Elephant walk. I loved that movie, have you seen it yet? I always liked John Wayne and that song in the show always was my favorite part, when the lady took the elephant down to bath.
Good night, take it easy.
MS. Molly

Janene said...

Joy~I am so glad that your fever is gone!
I remember that song "The Elephant Walk" when I was in school....and no! That wasn't too long ago! Well, actually, maybe it was! LOL
You did a wonderful job playing it! My daughter, Grace, was truly amazed!
Have a great day!

In His service, Anne said...

Great job on your piano playing!! I'm so glad your feeling better. Your field trip looked like lots of fun. We just watched night at the museum, so kids want to take a field trip there!
God Bless

Madison said...

Thank you Joy so much! That is so nice of you to announce my blog!

Love, Madison

Madison said...

You play the piano really good!

Love, Madison

Madison said...
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Karen said...

I'm really glad you're feeling better now, Joy. That was a very nice gift Ms. Molly sent you. Hope you have a great day.
Ms. Karen

This Country Girl said...


I can't help but smile because I know how hard you thought that was and now you can play it! See what you can do when you never give up?

I'm so glad to see you feeling some better. You have no idea how glad! I love you!


This Country Girl said...

Oh and I forgot to say how very sweet it was of Ms. Molly to send you that angel! She's an angel! She has also been so sweet to be emailing me and checking on you!

Love you,

Zaroga said...

The music was lovely and it was nice of Ms. Molly to send you the angel.

It is a pleasure to see your smiling face again!

basketsnprims said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better, love that big smile on your face. Love your angel.

green gables girl said...

Hey, Joy!
That's a lot of different thing's you posted about! And there are all great things!

First of all, my mom wants to say that SHE played that same baby elephant song on the piano in one of her recitals! Isn't that neat?!

Second of all, thanks so much for tagging me! I would love to do that!

Last thing, That is such a beautiful gift!!!

Love, Lyssie

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