Saturday, March 14, 2009

(Late) Faithful Fridays

HEY, HO, HELLO, HI, everybody!!!!!! I'm sorry....I completely FORGOT about Faithful Fridays! At least SOMEONE remembered! Ms. Karen, from Homespun Simplicity did it! Thank you, for reminding me! Anyway, for this Faithful Friday, I am thankful that I didn't get sick this week. You see, my brother had the flu and my mom had a bug, and I had a little bug. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed, the ENTIRE week, that I wouldn't get sick, because I was invited to my friend's birthday party, and I REALLY wanted to go! I got to the point where I was worried, and I said to myself, wait, just a minute. God doesn't want me to worry. He wants me to trust him. I said, Lord, I'm giving this to you, you do what you think is best (but, maybe, can you let me go), and I remembered the scripture.

John 16:24
Ask, and you shall Receive.

I couldn't get the Mr. Linky thing to work, so if you participate, leave a comment so I and others can visit.



This Country Girl said...


I'm so glad you are well and able to go to your birthday party this evening! God did answer your prayer! He's so good!

I love your Faithful Fridays!

Love, Mom

green gables girl said...

Hi, Joy!
You are so right, Joy. You are so mature about God!
I'm so glad you got to go to the party!

I think maybe next week I'll try to remember to do a Faithful Friday!

See ya soon! =D
Luv, you know who :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Joy!
I'm going to enjoy this...I'll be participating next Friday for sure:)

wrcdgc said...

Hi Joy,

Thanks again for my award. I had to wait for Jessica to be off so she could show me how to load it again. One thing about blogging other than meeting so many great people is I am learning so many new things about the computer.

I will be particpating in Faithful Fridays. I posted today a day late is better than not at all.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you...You are a strong young lady who is so faithful. Love your ideas of doing Faithful Fridays. I have posted it for everyone to know....and I will participate again Friday. Thank you Joy! I am so glad you got to go to the party...God is Good! Have a wonderful weekends...Kathy

Karen said...

I'm glad the Lord answered your prayer and you didn't get sick! I enjoyed doing Faithful Fridays yesterday...I also had a couple other ladies who said they wanted to do it next week.:o)
Ms. Karen

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Joy, you are such a smart, young lady! You have learned what some are still struggling to do. Keep the Faith!


CozyCoops Corner said...

I'm so glad you didn't get sick Joy!Hope you have a good Sunday!
Janae :-)

Zaroga said...

I forgot about it too. Maybe next Friday I will remember... I think I need a post-it note on my computer screen :-)

Your post is great. Sometimes we do get impatient and worried. We have to remember to trust in God. I'm very grateful that you didn't get sick.

Shellmo said...

God was definitely listening!

Kath said...

WOnderful Post Joy!
I am so glad ya didn't get sick.
God is always listening-He always sends us what we "NEED", and sometimes, He'll even send us what we "want" :)

Have a Happy day!


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