Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Room

Hey ya'll. I just thought I'd show you my room. My dad made most of my furniture....the shelves, the desk, the bulletin board, and the shutters. Here is a overall view of my room.

Here's my shelf and shelf-quilt hanger. On the bottom shelf there are my American Girl dolls mostly, and on the top quilt-hanger shelf are my porcelain dolls and Great-Grandma's quilt. I think it is sooo pretty!

My door has a Jonas Brother calendar that I got for Christmas and a poster that my mom made for me that has my name on it.

My chandelier. I got it when I was 6 years old for Christmas. It has pretty roses on it.

My desk-dresser-closet view:

My bulletin board has a paper that says "Doodles by Joy" and a pic of a little boy at our homeschool group that I helped make smile for his school pics. =D

My dresser. I just really love this. We got it when I was little from one of my mom's friends.



Homespun Simplicity said...

Very pretty room, Joy!

Susan said...

Your room is beautiful!

CozyCoops Corner said...

Beautiful room ! Your furniture is so pretty! I love the chandelier! I will post a picture of my daughter's room tomorrow. Thanks for the idea and thanks for sharing your wonderful space !Have a great day Joy !
Janae :-)

wrcdgc said...

Joy you and your brother keep such clean rooms. Your room is so pretty and I love your bed. You have great taste.


Anonymous said...

Joy, I really love your bedroom! My daughter had a white with gold accent's dresser and mirror and white with gold accent's four poster twin bed in her bedroom when she lived at home... I would have loved to have a chandelier in her bedroom as beautiful as yours with the roses on it! I know she would have loved that too!

Your desk and bulletin board sure is beautiful!

Your dolls are sooo pretty! Someday I'll have to share my porcelain and other dolls with you too! Your Great Grandma's quilt is gorgeous! Love all the beautiful colors in it!

I sure have enjoyed seeing pictures of your beautiful bed room Joy! Thanks so much for sharing!

Have a great day!

Love & Blessings,

Shellmo said...

I love your room - it's so beautiful and pleasant! And that chandlier is adorable! I don't think I'd ever leave that room - ha,ha!

This Country Girl said...


Your persistence in getting good shots of your bedroom paid off! You got some good shots! I've always loved your room. It is pretty!

Love you,

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Joy, your room is beautiful! I would of loved to have one just like it when I was younger. And such a neat housekeeper too!


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

It's exactly as I would have imagined it to be. so feminine and pretty.

green gables girl said...

Hey, Joy!
That is Suuucch beeauutiful room!!!
It's amazing that your dad can make all those things!
Hey, guess what???
I like American dolls too! I don't have any, but I have two that look a lot like American girl dolls. Actually, I do have a miniature Samantha doll!

You make a post almost every day! Where do you find all the time???

You are a great friend & pen pal!
Love, Allyson

marie said...

Hello Joy! I loved seeing your pretty room. I especially liked your shutters and chandelier. I have a new granddaughter and someday I'd like to decorate a room in my house for her. I got several good ideas for it from yours!
Thanks for sharing...and thanks for entering my giveaway!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

You have a beautiful room, Joy!

Tammy said...

very nice room, made for a princess...

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