Friday, February 6, 2009

Meme: One Word & Letter C

In this challenging meme, I will answer all of these questions with one word! Ok, here we go...

Your hair? Brownish

Your mother? Sweet!

Your father? Awesome!

Your favorite thing? Talking! =D

Your dream last night? None

Your favorite drink? Dew

What room are you in? Livingroom

Your hobby? Exploring

Your fear? Fire

Where were you last night? Dance

Something that you aren't? Boy

Muffins? Blueberry

Your favorite book? Little..

Wish list item? Trampoline

Last thing you did? Eat

What are you wearing? Pants

Your pet? Cat

Friends? Yes

Your favorite TV Show? Lucy

Your life? AWESOME!!!!

Your mood? Happy

Missing someone? No

Drinking? Nothing

Something you're not wearing? PJS

Your favorite store? Justice

Your favorite color? Blue

Where do you go to over and over? Walmart

My favorite place to eat? Ameca

C is for Camera:

This is my mom's camera. It cost a really is worth has three different lenses.



The Whites said...

Great job, Joy coming up with one word for all those things!

My daughter, Leah Kate loves looking at your blog. She wants her own blog, but she's only seven and I think it's a little too much for her right now, but you're a big inspiration for future little bloggers!


Kath said...

Hi Joy-now that was fun! Reading your one word answers! :)
I'm wondering what kind of Nikon your mom has? I have one sorta like it!! Maybe just like it!!?
I love mine!
You have a wonderful day!


CozyCoops Corner said...

Great one word answers Joy ! Those are fun to do. Have a nice weekend !
Janae :-)

wrcdgc said...

I love that camera! So Joy what did you get for your birthday? I loved your blog today and learning so many things about you. Hmmm Walmart how do you feel about going there so much?


Anonymous said...

That was good, JOY.


This Country Girl said...


Doing a one-word meme has to be a little challenging! I like yours!

Love you,

Zaroga said...

You have great answers, Joy. I did this through an email and it was fun.

I did one through an email that all the answers had to begin with the first letter of your first name.... that wasn't easy with a Z :-) I don't think I have that one anymore or I would pass it on to you.

Your Mom has a really nice camera.

green gables girl said...

Wow Joy, That looks hard. But I am going to do it! But I just have to make an exciting either on Saturday or Monday, first. :)

Love, Allyson

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