Saturday, March 7, 2009

Faithful Fridays

Hello everybody!!! I've created something kind of like Whatcha Workin' on Wednesdays, And Show and Tell Fridays, But instead, it's Faithful Fridays. You can tell something that God did for you in the past week or so, or an answered prayer, to share your faith in God. Just be thinking about if you want to participate and if you do, what to share. Then, when you post, you can come back and grab this button to put on your post and then you just link back to me! Thanks to Ms. Mandie for making this for me! Her work is a piece of art! Truly!

But, just so ya'll can get why I'm doing this, I'm going to tell how I got the idea. So, a bloggy friend emailed my mom and told her that ever since she had been reading my mom's blog she had been in church. When I heard this, I decided that I wanted to do something to share my faith in God. I had already been wanting to do something like this but I didn't know what about or what I would call it. So, I thought, and thought, and thought, and thought some more, then BANG! BOOM! BAM! It dawned on me.....FAITHFUL FRIDAYS!!!!! I came to mom and asked her what she thought and she said she liked it and she would see about getting a button. So, there you have it!

Remember if you want to participate, come back next Friday, March 13th, for my first Faithful Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

** Also remember the post that I did about the snow that I couldn't find...I found it. It had posted way way back in January's posts. You can click here to see it.

Joy =D


CozyCoops Corner said...

What a wonderful idea Joy and I love that button ! Have a great weekend !
Janae :-)

This Country Girl said...


I love your idea and I'm looking forward to it! And I think it was so nice of Mandie to make you the perfect button for you to use!

I love you!

green gables girl said...

Hi, Joy!
Great idea about the faithful Fridays!
And yes, I probably will do those faithful Fridays!

Oh, will, I think this is a good time to ask you, will, I never quite under stood what the: =D part meant. Can you please tell me? Thanks!

See ya!
Love, Allyson

Zaroga said...

A wonderful idea, Joy. The button is cute.

wrcdgc said...

Great idea! You know I love it!


Karen said...

What a nice idea, Joy! I plan to participate. Looking forward to it.

PriviesAndPrims said...

Love this idea! Now I just have to remember to do it. ;)

So glad to share blessings.


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