Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Favorite Things Part 2

I love my DS because It's sooo fun!!! I have almost 20 games!

I loove riding my bike really, really fast and then closing my feels like I'm flying!

I love scrapbooking because I get to save my memories in a fun pretty way!

To everybody out there reading this today, please, please, PLEASE! Pray for my friend, Taylor, who just lost her mom. Please pray for her whole family.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'm so sorry about your friend...losing a mom no matter how old you are is one of the hardest things to go thur.

Love the DS and I'll have to ask Sydney how many games she has...I'll be showing her your blog tomorrow morning as she will be here in the morning so that I can take her to school:)
Have a good Sunday and tell your mom I said hi:)

Amber said...

I never tasted buttermilk pie. Is it good? I like my Nintendo DS, too. I have a lot of games also. It is so much fun. Sorry about your friend's mom. That is so sad.
Amber :o)

Sue said...

I will be praying for Taylor. I know that it is a very hard time for her right now but I'm so glad she has a good friend like you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy, you have a great blog so far...keep up the good work. You are a lucky girl to have a loving family.

Just be a good friend to your friend that lost her mom, she really needs all the love she can get. I lost my mom when I was only 22 and it was really hard, but with loving people around me, it kept me strong. Dont be afraid to give her a hug once in a while if you are good enough friends for that. I will say a prayer for her though.

I am a friend of your mom's from the CS board and follow her blog also.

Jill from NY

This Country Girl said...


I know that your Nintendo DS is probably the one thing you take with you everywhere, besides a book. I hope you always love to scrapbook so we can do it together!

I'm praying for Taylor and Jacob. They will be facing some really sad and challenging days ahead, so we need to be as compassionate as possible to them.

Love you,

Dudette said...

Hey Joy,

Nice blog! My DS is one of my favorite things too. You know I also like to scrapbook. Looking forward to your next blog.

Love ya,

Katie Beth

P.S. I really like the Jonas Brothers music!

Dudette said...

Hey Joy,

My DS is one of my favorite things too! I like your blog and I love the Jonas Brothers music.

Love ya,

Katie Beth

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Dear Joy,
I like my DS too, I have 12 games for it. I like your blog and my Grammy showed it to me this morning before school.
I'll be stopping by for a visit on Monday's and Friday's that's when I'm at my Gram's in the morning.

wrcdgc said...

Joy I am so sorry about your friend. I will definately be thinking about her.

I love to scrap book also. Your Mom is so lucky you two share a lot of the same hobbies and talents.


Anonymous said...

Joy, I will keep your friend Taylor in my thoughts and prayers. So sorry to hear about her Mom.. That is so sad. I am so glad that she has a really great friend like you during her hurting times.. Just knowing that you care means ever so much, I'm sure..

I love reading your blog and your Mom's blog too! Your two blogs are the one's that I love to read on a daily basis...

Take care and have a great day Joy!

Love & Blessings,

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I sure will pray for your friend, Joy. Love reading more about you!


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