Friday, June 10, 2016

Stepping Back In.

"I'm gonna go write."

It's been a long while since I've said those words, and an even longer while since I've hit the pencil icon on the Blogger Dashboard to start writing a post.  And that's a shame.

Writers write.  I have a Pinterest board full of photos that all say that in a different way.  It's what calms us, fuels us, and helps us process the weight of life's problems.  (If you quoted Sadness from Inside Out in your head when you read that too, we're now besties.)  

But I've figured out that though it makes no sense, it's often actually the most important things that we end up forsaking in the hardest or busiest seasons of life, and writing is no different.  

I really admire people who tell the world about their struggles & their overcomings through crafting honest and carefully-chosen words, because it's not easy.  When life is throwing monster waves at you--or even just throwing fast-paced days at your face--the easiest thing to do is to go through the motions of each day and survive every hour until you get to sleep.  (And all the college students said, AMEN.)  

Let me put some honest words out there: The past year has been one of the most tumultuous and definitely the most eventful.  I've turned sixteen (and then seventeen) years old, and taken my first steps in to the world of driving a car, the workforce, the college life, and the dating & relationship sphere.  On the side, I've gained 4 new little sisters for whose well-being we are currently battling in a courtroom every three months.  It's insane.  I've felt overwhelming tides of fears, terrifying waves of doubt, and pure heartbreak.  

Can you say it's been an eventful year?  

I hope to unpack some of that as time goes on, but for now, I'm picking up the pen and the page (or the keyboard and the computer screen) again to talk with you about life and tell you what I'm learning and struggling with and to see if maybe you're feeling some of that too.  I've kept some of these things in a journal, but in the past six months even that has been forsaken a bit, so I'm excited to be back, sharing.  Will you come along on this journey with me?


Simply Quaint said...

Welcome back sure have missed you and your moms post think if you all often I can imagine what changes have happened since both last post.. Colt married yet? Wonderful to hear you're driving..experiencing teenage life but having fun

Thank you for sharing look forward to hearing more


Michaila | Seventy Times Seven said...

Really glad you started posting again! :)

Ellie (or Bernie) said...

Welcome back! Hope to see more! :)
Ellie R.

Diwakar said...

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