Wednesday, November 25, 2009

There is Nothing Like....

Baking Cookies for the first time by yourself in the middle of the night

By the light of the Christmas tree.....


And then losing a tooth on your first sample.... :)

Thanks for stoppin by! God bless!

~hugs and kisses~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Addicting New Website I Want to Share...

That's my website! I love that place! It's on the top of my most visited websites! I love it! Babydow is so fun! You get virtual babies, and you take care of them until they are three years old(doesn't really take years), and they go off to school! I have thirteen here they are:

Carter Selena Maria-three yrs old
Lee-three yrs old
Sonny-one yr and 5 months, two weeks.
Sammie(Sonny's twin)-one yr and 5 months, two weeks.
Isaiah Nicholas-yr and 3 months
Kairii Noelle-7 months
Josiah Malichi-5 months and two weeks
Bella May-5 months
Jacob Eli-10 weeks
Kylie Rose(Jacob's twin)-10 weeks
Colt Zhi Jie(named after my two brothers!)-8 weeks
Justina Hope-4 weeks
Karson Cai-Lyn-2 weeks

Do you like the names? Carter and Lee went off to school already, so I don't take care of them anymore. :( Anyway, I just love this place! Another fun website is

Thanks for stoppin by, God bless!

Love, Joy

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Today is: November 16, 2009

Outside my window... Christmas wreath we just put up.

I am thinking...About getting more babies on Babydow, and calling my friend

I am thankful for... My health

I am wearing... Blue Jean skirt and brown/pink pocket shirt

I am remembering... That I am supposed to contact my friend. Uh oh.

I am going... to China next year to get my lil' bro :D

I am reading... Dear America book: The Winter of Red Snow, a Revoloutionary diary of Abigail Stewart

I am hoping... that I won't have school. Haha

On my mind... My family and friends

From the learning rooms... New lesson in math. I'm terrified.

Noticing that... Where I just lost my tooth, it hurts....

Pondering these words... Poultry, Journal, adoption

From the kitchen... Sugar Cookies I made.

Around the house... mom and dad..and my cute lil' cat Bambi

One of my least favorite things... Being sick.

Here's a picture thought to share:

Thanks for stopping by!

~Love, Joy~ :-D

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Silly Siblings

Hi! I know I have been MIA, and I'm super sorry....we are going to dance four nights a week, soooo, I have to get a lot done. LOL I like being busy! Except I don't like being so busy I neglect my BLOG of all things! :)

Last night, as we were getting pictures of our family(which was very hard because we did it where one person held the camera up that was still in the picture! Colt calls it myspace style), Colt and I got silly. Well, it was mostly Colt. Then I started laughing and doing everything he did...It was really funny and I'm glad mom got it on camera...Here are some of my favorites...Can you tell who we are trying to be?

If you guessed Batman, you're right! Colt made this joke like three years ago, and now every time we think about Batman, we start doing that...we did it all through the movie....haha. So funny. Colt's always been an entertainer. Soooo fun!

This next one was just random....No, he isn't really licking his shoe!

And then we started laughing so hard, Colt was bent over...and mom accidentily snapped a picture. :D

And then we HAD to do peace's just COOL! :0) And you can see how hard Colt was laughing here hahahaha

And finally, the winning picture...after much silliness and AWESOME times..

That is one of the ten pictures we are sending to Luke in his first care package.
...................................Can you tell Colt doesn't like to cooperate in pictures? Yes, it's always been like that.
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